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  1. American Pale Ale

  2. Barley Wine, an ale

  3. Brown (Sweet) Porter, an ale

  4. Classic Dry Stout, an ale

  5. English Bitter, an ale

  6. English Strong Ale

  7. Wheat beer, an ale. E.g. Weissbier,

  8. India Pale Ale (IPA)

  9. Koelsch, an ale

  10. Porter, an ale

  11. Saison, an ale. French for 'season'. A

  12. Specialty Beers. E.g. Organic Raspberr...

  13. Sharp (Robust) Porter, an ale

  14. Sweet Stout/Cream Stout, an ale

  15. Bohemian Pilsner, a lager. E.g. Samue

  16. Classic American Pilsner, a lager

  17. American Dry, an American lager. E.g.

  18. Classic German Pilsner, a lager

  19. Doppelbock, a lager. It has a very st...

  20. Eisbock, a lager. Made by freeze dist...

  21. Munich Dunkel, a lager

  22. Schwartzbier, a lager. E.g. Samuel Ada

  23. Traditional German Bock, a lager

  24. American Light Lager, an American lage

  25. American Standard, an American lager.

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