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  1. Rand Al'Thor

  2. Perrin Aybara

  3. Mat Cauthon

  4. Egwene Al'vere

  5. Nyneave al'meara

  6. Thom Merrilin

  7. Moiraine Damodred

  8. Lan Mandragoran

  9. Elayne Trakand

  10. Min Farshaw

  11. Aviendha

  12. Birgitte

  13. Cadsuane

  14. Verin Mathwin

  15. Sorilia

  16. Gawyne Trakand

  17. Padan Fain

  18. Faile Aybara

  19. Shaidar Haran

  20. Ishamael (Moridin)

  21. Lanfear

  22. Asmodean

  23. Moghedian

  24. Greandal

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