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  1. Klein (Yung Formula)

  2. Y the soldier of Yahweh

  3. Xeno the twin blading Keyblader

  4. Raton the Keyblader

  5. Cryton the crystal Keyblader

  6. Barak the False Prophet

  7. Enigma (Ying Formula)

  8. Kiara, Klein's friend

  9. Yyng the fusion of all formulas

  10. Seoul (Yang Formula) Master of Darknes

  11. Ehsave the fusion of Sheeva and Aveehs

  12. Yeng, Warrior of the Light

  13. Yong, Warrior of the Darkness

  14. Sheeva the four-armed Beast

  15. Aveehs the four-legged Beast

  16. Ultima, Guardian of the Light

  17. Ultima, Guardian of the Darkness

  18. Ultima Prime the fusion of the two Ult

  19. Richter the first Heartless Symbiote

  20. Clone Klein, Klein of the first Saga

  21. Silver Angel the Angelic Keyblader

  22. White Angel the Angelic Keyblader

  23. Richter the Supreme D. Angel

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