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  1. Pizza!!!- made to order, adaptable, a

  2. Mac and Cheese!-Thick, hardy, and a cl

  3. Spagettios- Warm but not everyone like

  4. Ramen- CHEEP! CHEEP! CHEEP! but you al

  5. BEER!- You help people loosen up and h

  6. Pop tarts- portable, no hassels, flavo

  7. Soda-bubbly and bright keep studies up

  8. Coffee- You have a mixed reputation. S...

  9. Soup- not used to the harsh realities

  10. Chinese- People seem to crave you and ...

  11. Pint of Ben and Jerrys- You are sweet ...

  12. Triskets and ez cheese- you satisfy bu

  13. Bagel- Wow! Wholesome and likeable!

  14. Rice or Corn Cake-some see you as too

  15. Candy/chips- Everyone thinks your grea

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