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  1. Pervert

  2. Dense Hero

  3. Angsty Hero

  4. Cute Girl

  5. Love Interest

  6. Clever Sidekick

  7. Insane Person Who Likes To Blow Things

  8. Sorcerer/Sorcereress

  9. Comic Relief

  10. Magical Girl

  11. Sporty Girl

  12. Overpowered Villian

  13. Hero Who Powers Mecha In War

  14. Pascifist Person

  15. Person Who Has All The Girls/Boys

  16. Mysterious Person

  17. Angst-Ridden Mecha Pilot

  18. Stupid Minion

  19. Skilled Swordsperson

  20. Mage

  21. Sidekick Who Will Sacrifice Self For F

  22. Overly Smart Person

  23. Emotionless Person

  24. Extremely Powerful Non-Hero

  25. Devoted To War and Fighting Person

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