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  1. Tsarmina
  2. Martin the Warrior
  3. Hon Rosie
  4. Mariel
  5. Ungatt Trunn
  6. Bella of Brockhall
  7. Matthias
  8. Skittles (Skikkles)
  9. Lord Urthstripe
  10. Mask
  11. Slagar (Chickenhound)
  12. Log a Log
  13. Foremole (any of them)
  14. Blue Hordebeast
  15. Gabool the Wild
  16. Emperor Ublaz
  17. Grath Longfletch
  18. Dandin
  19. Silent Sam
  20. Simeon
  21. Martin the Second
  22. Mara
  23. Lady Cregga
  24. Most Dibbuns
  25. Clecky
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