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  1. Does the bible mention the word "trini

  2. Did Jesus live to be at least 35?

  3. We have free will to do Good or evil

  4. Salvation is received just at Baptism?

  5. Christ was 100% fully human and 100% f

  6. Jesus is physically there during churc

  7. Baptism should be at birth ?

  8. Salvation is by the grace of God, thro

  9. A christian who is truly saved can not

  10. Icons ,crucifixes and images should

  11. Do you have to have to be saved in ord

  12. Is God and Jesus the same?

  13. Singing is an act of praise?

  14. Is Pentecostism part of Christiantity?

  15. Do you get saved by grace and faith, a

  16. Is bro. Bernard or bro. White our upci

  17. The official UPCI organization started

  18. God doesn't love sinners

  19. We believe in spirits and demonic peop

  20. Pastors and preachers do not have more

  21. Pastor WILL MAKE women saints wear ski

  22. Does the bible say "baptizing them in

  23. Does the bible say "And then God Jehov

  24. is it ok to dance in church for god

  25. will your pastor let you preach if you

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