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  1. Harry/Draco - Ah, the classic. Forbid

  2. Harry/Ron - the brotherly bond. No, n

  3. Draco/Ron - fire and ice. A Weasley a

  4. Seamus/Dean - the oh-so-close "friends

  5. Seamus/Harry - the oddball and the her

  6. Sirius/Remus - the old flames. Guess

  7. Sirius/Snape - the mortal enemies. Ma

  8. Remus/Snape - the monster and the... o

  9. Sirius/Harry - the father figure. May

  10. Remus/Harry - puppy love. Harry reall

  11. Snape/Harry - love conquers all. Even

  12. Snape/Draco - now we /know/ why he's S

  13. Hermione/Ginny - well, Hermione has st

  14. Hermione/Cho - well, Hermione always d

  15. Ginny/Cho - Harry rejected Ginny for C

  16. James/Sirius - the best friends. They

  17. James/Remus - well, Remus did know Jam

  18. James/Lucius - if Harry/Draco is possi

  19. James/Snape - maybe it wasn't love for

  20. Lucius/Snape - they're evil, they're s

  21. Harry/Neville - aww... ok, everyone me

  22. Draco/Neville - the big bad Slytherin

  23. Harry/Lucius - hey, he's more mature t

  24. Snape/Dumbledore - do you want to try

  25. Non-Slasher - wow. A mythical creatur...

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