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TelevisionMacGyver Selector
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A Television Selector by Silverwing, created February 2008. Oh, Jeeze.... I Just HAD to Leave My Explosives Kit at Home. Oh Well--
Are you an all-around good person who spends your time fighting criminals and assassins with only spur-of-the-moment inventions? Do you have an arch-nemesis hitman constantly trying to kill you? (I hope not.) But, if you're like me, you just love the show MacGyver, and would love to see if you really do have what it takes to fill Mr. Macgyver's shoes. This is a fairly basic test, and contains NOTHING "offensive", so even the youngest fans can enjoy this. Good luck. Keep your wits about you....
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1. It's about 6 in the morning when the Phoenix Foundation phones you, interrupting your hard-earned sleep. They want you to go after a man who just got away with several thousand dollars from the Foundation. Would you accept?
Prioritize your choice above:

2. After finding all the information you can about this incident, what would you rather do: get an armed team behind you to storm his apartment (yes) or go after him yourself without a momentís delay (no)?
Prioritize your choice above:

3. You arrive at this unknown manís apartment only to find it completely empty. There is no trace that anyone has been in this building for months, and your superiors at Phoenix suggest you drop the case and hand it over to the police. Would you?
Prioritize your choice above:

4. On your way out, you notice footprints in the mud outside the building. It only rained last night, and no one is supposed to have been around here since. What would give you greater satisfaction: wandering off by yourself (yes) or informing Phoenix of your discovery (no)?
Prioritize your choice above:

5. You follow the prints to where they stop in front of a large machinery shed around back. However, after entering, you are ambushed from behind. In the fist fight that follows (you are unarmed of course), do you flail out aggressively with only the intent of coming out alive, throwing every insult that comes to mind (yes), or do you try to land a few good solid punches, just enough to knock them out (no)?
Prioritize your choice above:

6. There was too much resistance to your struggle. They drag you downstairs and lock you in a cellar-like room. Do you go straight to the door and try to work it open (or break it down) (yes) or immediately notice whatís in the room with you (no)?
Prioritize your choice above:

7. The criminal head of this whole problem, and the man who stole the money from Phoenix, comes down to see who stumbled upon his hideout. Heís very young-- about 17. He tells you that they need to know if you brought anyone else into the fray, but if no one comes, youíll be dead by same time tomorrow. In reply, what would you say more naturally? ďYouíll never get away with this. Why donít you just fight fair?Ē (yes) or ďCanít we talk about this? There are better ways of getting money. You donít have to turn to crime.Ē (no)
Prioritize your choice above:

8. Would you consider seeing it his way and helping him if your life is spared?
Prioritize your choice above:

9. As he leaves, you manage to expertly-- though admittedly, it was difficult-- swipe a key out of his back pocket as he leaves. Good news-- itís a master key. It should work on your door. Bad news-- the door window is too small and too high up for you to even think of reaching the knob. Then you remember seeing a coil of copper wire in one corner of the room. Be honest-- is an idea forming?
Prioritize your choice above:

10. You unwind the coil of copper wire and thread the key onto one end securely, then push it through the window. After several attempts, it fits into the locked doorknob. You twist the wire carefully, and the door opens. Do you take off before anyone can tell youíre gone?
Prioritize your choice above:

11. As you move your way cautiously up the stairs, you are spotted from an overhead balcony. Theyíre right on your tail, and you canít see any escape routes between them and you. Thereís a pile of junk on the landing with you. In a desperate attempt, do you (yes) pull the fire extinguisher from the wall and spray it at them, or (no) pick up a can of paint thinner, hurl the contents at your pursuers, and throw a lit match?
Prioritize your choice above:

12. Theyíre still after you as you near the exit! You have another idea that may or may not work. You MIGHT have time to jam a beam fom the lumber pile through the double doors and lock them in. On the other hand, you know that you can make a clean getaway and live to fight another day if you bolt out of there without a backward glance, and still may be able to come back with more of the Phoenix Foundation in about a half-hour. Do you take the crazy risk?
Prioritize your choice above:

13. You trapped the criminals! The 17-year-old is now attending a program with other troubled kids, on his way to a happy future. Phoenix says itís all thanks to you. In response, do you choose to (yes) nod silently and walk away, maintaining an air of mystery, or (no) thank them genuinely and smile, maybe making a little joke?
Prioritize your choice above:

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