Survey Says: Top How Inappropriate Are You? results, Humor Survey
HumorThe top 5 How Inappropriate Are You? results of 579 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How Inappropriate Are You?.

#1 95.9%
Most of the time, you can't help but eating a big mouthful of foot. Do you live under power lines?
#2 3.5%
You are Extremely Appropriate. You know all the right moves and which fork to use. Please use it to scrape your eyeballs out. You are boring.
#3 0.7%
You are a complete clueless, infantile, moron. I like your style. What's your sign, tiger?
#4 0.0%
You are a mystery. Sometimes you are really polite and other times you are a total nincompoop. You may have multiple-personality disorder. Or maybe you are an idiot.
#5 0.0%
You usually have the right idea but when you are drunk you say some pretty stupid things.

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