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Default order is alphabetical, WontonKracker determined the order.
Altron Models (100%)   
Bolt Gundam (100%)   
Burning Gundam (100%)   
Dai-guard (100%)   
Deathscythe Models (100%)   
Devil Gundam (100%)   
Dragon Gundam (100%)   
Evangelion Units (100%)   
Heavyarms models (100%)   
Macross Cannons (100%)   
Maxter Gundam (100%)   
Metal Siren (100%)   
Nadisco Mecha (100%)   
Noble Gundam (100%)   
Robotech Destroids (100%)   
Robotech Mecha (VF-1J, etc.) (100%)   
Rose Gundam (100%)   
SDF-1 (100%)   
Sandrock Models (100%)   
Shining Gundam (100%)   
Spiegel Gundam (100%)   
Super Valkyries (100%)   
U.C. Gundams (RX-78,GP01-Fb, etc.) (100%)   
Wing Gundam (100%)   
Wing Zero Gundam models (100%)