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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which mecha would you pilot???
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which mecha would you pilot???" by WontonKracker.

Choose from this list:

Robotech Mecha (VF-1J, etc.)

Robotech Destroids

Burning Gundam

Dragon Gundam

Bolt Gundam

Maxter Gundam

Shining Gundam

Rose Gundam

Spiegel Gundam

Noble Gundam

Wing Gundam

Wing Zero Gundam models

Altron Models

Heavyarms models

Deathscythe Models

Sandrock Models

Evangelion Units

U.C. Gundams (RX-78,GP01-Fb, etc.)

Macross Cannons


Super Valkyries

Nadisco Mecha

Devil Gundam


Metal Siren


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