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Religion Poll: Afterlife Selector (many possibilities) Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
ReligionReligion Poll: Afterlife Selector (many possibilities)
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Afterlife Selector (many possibilities)" by WolfRaven999.

Choose from this list:

Neutral Reincarnation: You die, then you are reincarnated as a human being to give the quest for enlightenment another shot.

Join Ancestors: You will go to a shadow-realm of the spirit world to join your ancestors and guide your descendants.

Become a Ghost: You must live the tortured afterlife of the Undead. You are now just a lost spirit haunting the living.

Akwokoim: This is the afterlife for sailors. You most likely died at sea and now you are in the realm of Akwom Nepot (Norse Aegir, Roman Neptune). Its like Davey Jones' Locker.

Albhokoim: Called Alfheim by the Norse and Sidhe by the Celts, this is the realm of elves, pixies, nymphs and other Fae. You have joined the realm of twilight and magick!

Anerapo: You are in the realm of torture, deep below the underworld. The Greeks called it Tartarus, the Hindus called it Naraka, but for you, its aeons of torture and agony.

Nawa: Welcome to the Underworld. Known as Hades or Hellaheim, this gray kingdom is ruled by Yemos, the ancient God of Death.

Swerga: Welcome to the Pagan Heaven of heroes and wise men. Here you will dwell among the Gods and Nymphs in their golden palaces and enjoy an afterlife of pleasure!

Welkeln: This is a special heaven which the Norse called Valhalla! Here Rudlos (Called Odin or Rudra) dwells with his Malthos (the storm spirits). Drink!! Fight!!

Negative Reincarnation: Sorry, you did a crappy job in this life and will probably come back as a poor person or even a worm. Hopefully you learn your lesson this time!

Nirvana: Or at least your on your way! In this afterlife you become one with the Supreme Force of the Cosmos and exist in eternal bliss.

Gehenna: Also known as "Hell." Here you will be tortured by Satan, Astaroth, Beelzebub, or whoever is in charge of the level corresponding to your worse sin. Sorry, you're doomed!

Sheol: Also known as "Limbo." You may have followed the Judeo-Christian God, but apparently he decided not to let you into Heaven. This place is dim, dust and depressing. *sigh*

Shemayim: Also know as the Judeo-Christian "Heaven." I can't believe you made it in! You must be one of the few true believers of your faith. Enjoy your eternity!

Ammut: You went to the underworld where your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth. Sorry, you failed! Welcome to oblivion! Ammut will devour your soul!

Duat: Hey! Your heart was weighed against the Feather of Truth and you passed. Osiris, God of the Underworld, will assign your place in the ream of Duat.

the Abyss: Your life was just pure evil and chaos. You are doomed to the Abyss - the realm of pure black hatred and perversion. You will be tortured forever.

the Outlands: You were just a "blah" kind of person. You had no passion for religion or morality, so now you're in the wide wilderness of a neutral afterlife.

Personal Paradise: You weren't a fan of religious ideology, but apparently you were a genuine good person. Enjoy your own pocket dimension of bliss!

Happy Hunting Grounds: You were a good tribesman, and now you will live with your Gods in the wilderness beyond, to live with your tribe and hunt to your heart's content!


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