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graphWild AnimalsWild Animals Poll: What color wolf would you be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What color wolf would you be?" by Meltaina.

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Gray Wolf You have an average personality. You have you times when the pack is welcomed, yet other times you just want to shove everyone away. Greys and browns mixed togeth form your dark, creamy and lush coat. Your coloring is as common as they come.

Black Wolf Black as the darkest midnight, with perhaps, a gray or white streak mixed in. Your personality is unlikeable, very loner, rather than a pack wolf. If you can, you try to be as sharp as possible to most other wolves, warding off any thoughts of friendship...though it doesn't steer all away. You find yourself with perhaps, one or two close friend who share a temperament of the like.

Red Wolf

Brown Wolf

White Wolf


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