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Harry Potter Poll: Harry Potter Wand Lengths SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphHarry PotterHarry Potter Poll: Harry Potter Wand Lengths
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Harry Potter Wand Lengths" by V.R. Oni.

Choose from this list:

10 or Number 1: The Sun - Strength, individuality, creativity, born leader, ambitious, active, often aggressive, innovator, winner, sometimes tyrant. Can be self-centered, ruthless and stubborn. You put most of your energy into your career rather then relationships.

11 or Number 2: The Moon Gentle, passive, creative, thinker, inventive, charm, intuition. Can lack self-confidence and be changeable even deceitful as well as over-sensitive and depressive. Gets along with opposites. (This wand would work well as a balance between good and evil.)

12 or Number 3: Jupiter Energetic, disciplined, talented, conscientious, proud, and independent, loves to be in control, may be too found of telling others what to do. Number 3 is the symbol of Trinity and a superficial show may hide considerable spirituality. (This wand would be powerful in all areas.)

13 or Number 4: Uranus Steady, practical, great endurance, seldom interested in material things, often see things from the opposite point of view which makes you rebellious and unconventional. Making friends is hard leading to a feeling of isolation. (This wand would be good at the Dark Arts.)

14 or Number 5: Mercury Lively, sensual, pleasure-seeking, impulsive, quick-thinking, good at making money, especially by risk or speculation, bounce back easily from failure. On the other hand, quick-tempered, high strung, may have trouble with nerves.

15 or Number 6: Venus Love of family and domesticity, reliable, trustworthy, romantic, great love of beauty, usually attractive, dislike discord. May be obstinate.

16 or Number 7: Neptune Original thinkers, philosophical and spiritual, not usually interested in material things, may be highly intuitive, even psychic, often have a restless love of travel and the sea. However they have the tendency to become introverted and may exert an influence on others.

17 or Number 8: Saturn Incorporates the rebellious contradictions of 4 symbolized by will power and individuality. May mean sorrow yet is also associated with worldly success. These people have deep and intense feelings even though they may appear cold and are often misunderstood by others.

18 or Number 9: Mars Fighters, active, and determined, usually succeed after a struggle but are prone to accident and injury, may be quarrelsome.


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