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graphHarry PotterHarry Potter Poll: Which wand will choose you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which wand will choose you?" by Abby.

Choose from this list:

Ash, Dragon heartstring, 7 in.
Ash, Dragon heartstring, 9 in.
Olive, Pheonix tailfeather, 10 in.
Elm, Pheonix tailfeather, 8in.
Oak, Veela hair, 11 in.
Nymph, Doxie wings, 10 in.
Olive, Dragon Heartstring, 8 in.
Bass, Veela hair, 10 in.
Elm, Lethifold cloak, 13 in.
Elm, Veela hair, 9 in.
Roanoke, Dragon's blood stain,
Nymph, Veela hair, 10 in.


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