Mythology Poll: Viking Patron Deity Selector Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Mythology Poll: Viking Patron Deity Selector Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
MythologyMythology Poll: Viking Patron Deity Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Viking Patron Deity Selector" by Fenrir Odinson.

Choose from this list:

Aegir - saves shipwreck victims and obtains his fortune from the wrecks. He is unpredictable as the sea, calm one day and stormy the next.

Angrbodda - The evil giant wife of Loki, the mother of three monsters, and an enemy of the gods!

Balder - "The Bright One" He gives sage advice and helps resolves arguments. Gentle, beloved and wise, but he was killed by a mistletoe dart thrown by Hod (who was tricked by Loki). Balder comes back after Ragnarok.

Fenrir - The monster wolf, son of Loki and Angrbodda. Watch out, Odin! Ragnarok is just around the corner.

Freya - Goddess of fertility, love, and beauty (The Viking Venus!). Knows magic and likes jewelry.

Frigg - Queen of the Gods!

Gefion - Disguised herself as an old woman to trick the King of Sweden into making the island of Zealand off the coast off Denmark. Plowing was involved. Go read the story on the internet!

Gerd - She was a giant enemy of the gods but became their friend after marrying one of them.

Grid - She is a giant ally of the gods. She gave Thor gauntlets and a belt when he was tricked by Loki and left his hammer at home.

Gullveig/Heid - Mistress of Magic! She is a fortune teller and prophet and survived being burned three times by the gods when she made them mad by not telling them her secrets.

Heimdall - Noble guardian of the Bifrost rainbow bridge to Asgard. He warns the gods of newcomers, and he never trusted Loki.

Hel - UGLY (Well, half ugly)! The daughter of Loki and Angrbodda, she is a beautiful woman from the waist up, but from the waist down she is a decomposing corpse (Ick!) Those who die of sickness and old age go to live with Hel forever. (Bummer.)

Odin - The All-Father! King of the Gods! His Ravens are always at his side, and his wolves sit beside his throne. He had his eye gouged out to be allowed to drink from Mimir's Well of Knowledge. He hung upside down on the World Tree Yggdrasil to gain the Magic Runes! He rides an eight legged horse named Sleipnir. Man, this guy is unstoppable. Except by Fenrir…

Ran - She saves drowning victims and entertains them in her underwater hall. Unpredictable temper, like her husband Aegir.

Sigyn - She married Loki and now sits beside him, catching the dripping poison that burns his flesh in a bowl. When she empties the bowl, Loki screams in pain. Sigyn is extremely loyal, warm and loving.

Thor - The Thunderer! Not the smartest god of the Nine Worlds, but he makes up for it with sheer strength. He owns the magic hammer Mjolnir, controls storms, is the greatest enemy of the Giants (who stole his hammer once), fishes for the World Serpent Jormundgand, and drives a chariot pulled by goats named Toothbiter and Toothgnasher. (Wait a minute, goats???!)

Tyr - The god of law and order, the bravest of the gods. He got his hand bitten off by Fenrir. Read the exciting story on the internet!

The Valkyries - The servants of Odin. They choose who goes to Valhalla and carry them to meet Odin himself. But only those who die in battle get to go with the Valkyries.

Hermod - He visited Hel to try and get Balder back after he died. It didn't work out, but Hermod is one of the bravest and honorable gods. Hermod killed Hod after Hod killed Balder because Hermod thought Hod killed Balder on purpose. But Hod didn't, he was tricked by Loki. Once again, another reason not to like Loki.

Hod - The blind god taken advantage of by Loki to kill Balder. He returns from the dead after Ragnarok and becomes one of the top gods.

Idunn - She is the keeper of the Golden Apples which give eternal life to the gods. Not the brightest bulb in Valhalla, but she means well.

Jormungand - The World Serpent, a child of Loki and Angrbodda. He doesn't like the ocean because Odin banished him there against his will, and he doesn't like hammers because Thor cracked him on the skull with Mjolnir. Thor kills Jormundgand at Ragnarok, but Thor ends up dying from the World Serpent's poison.

Loki - Man, nobody likes him, he might as well go eat worms! He goes with the giants at Ragnarok to kill the gods. This guy has LOTS of stories of trickery, deceit, and deception. You'll be on the internet for a while reading about him.

Magni - He survives Ragnarok and inherits Thor's hammer.

The Norns - The three women who guard the Well of Urd and spin out the destiny of everyone in the Nine Worlds including the Gods. They warned the gods about Loki and Angrbodda's children, but did the gods listen? Noooooo. (Well, kind of, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades). The Norns are all knowing and incorruptible and will survive Ragnarok.


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