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Horror Poll: What horror icon are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphHorrorHorror Poll: What horror icon are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What horror icon are you?" by louissa.

Choose from this list:

CHUCKY! You're just plain bloody evil and in it for the kicks .. Kill Kill Kill is your motto and if you can get laid all the better, you're in need of serious anger management or a good exorcism!

DAVID FROM THE LOST BOYS! Your nasty scary but uncanningly sexy ... you wouldn't think twice of doing anything it takes to achieve your goals but have a warped sense of loyalty!

BRAM STOKERS DRACULA! You did it for love, ok ok you may kill maim and destroy but you're seductive and sexy and if you weren't so undead you'd make one hell of a life partner...Just avoid those damn annoying humans out to get you and don't forget to keep plenty of sunblock around just in case!

FRANKY FROM THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! You're such a babe, sexy and not afraid to show it .. totally misunderstood by others and not really evil at all, you bring horrifying pleasure to all that will just stop being stuffed jackets! Go Franky!

THE SADISTIC KID HATING FREDDY KRUEGER! Kids never really were your cup of tea, you're sick, evil, twisted and have a severe fingernail fetish...go get some therapy Freddy!

THE NAIVE BEAUTY JESSIE, FROM QUEEN OF THE DAMNED! Your the ideal damsel in distress, beautiful, naive and so desperate to find a place to belong you put yourself at the mercy of those that could cause you harm...fear excites you in every way possible that you seek it out like a drug...just be careful you don't regret it!

THE LONELY SOUL LESTAT FROM INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE! People think you sadistic and cruel but deep down you just don't want to be alone ... go join a club and get out some more and try and stick to grown ups, you'll live longer!

LOUIS FROM INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE! Merciful death, how you love your precious guilt...you'd make a better kindergarten teacher than you do an evil fiend and your diet is just plain awful .. quit wasting all those positive qualities and get with the program!

THE DELICIOUSLY EVIL PINHEAD FROM HELLRAISER! You're such a pain slut....giving, recieving, its all the same to you as long as its excruciating and exquisite...all power to you but don't be offended if I pass on a social visit!

THE CROW! You're a product of others actions, you're heart is so full of hatred that vengence clouds your judgement ... you kick ass, they deserve it anyway, just remember when you're done to let it go and go join your true love!


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