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graphPoliticsPolitics Poll: Underground Social Strata
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Underground Social Strata" by Gav n boof.

Choose from this list:

Skip Foraging Pykie


Experimental Minority Sympathiser

Small Provincial Town Neo-Nazi

Youghurt Weaving Muesli Sweater Wearing Rainbow Facist

Reebok and Burbury Wearing Wife Beater


Pierced White Faced Middle Class PVC Wearing Jitter

Carl Cox Sucking Clubber

Bostick Anarchic

Bling Bling Massive

You'd Sell Your Mums TV for a Ten Spot


Part of the Leg Pissing, White Cider Swilling, Shouting at Random Vehicle, Contingent

Doof Doof, Super Woofer Boy Racer


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