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graphEntertainmentEntertainment Poll: Determine Your Flamingo Destiny!
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Determine Your Flamingo Destiny!" by Flamingos.

Choose from this list:

Elizabeth: The Queen. You are a natural leader, but you always take time out to have fun.

Laura: The Smart One. You are so intelligent you sometimes have to dumb down your astounding vocabulary for your friends to understand you... but your intelligence is just one of the attributes that makes you so popular!

Dana: The Experienced One. You've been doing improv since you left the womb, and your goofiness accents your wit well.

Eli: The Short One. You are blessed with the ability to withstand much teasing about your height, but you are perfectly able to bounce back with a comment twice as feisty.

Michael Peyton: The Doubly-appelated. You are jovial, and you can always take a joke about your "lava-lampy" figure or your flowing names.

DJ: The Fun-loving One. You are always fun to be around, as long as you can keep your porn-loving hallmates in check!

Robert: The Brutishly Strong One. You lifted Eli over your head at auditions, and proceeded to wow us with your talent. You are quiet until you get into a situation in which you feel comfortable.

Matt: The Goof. You are wild and crazy, but you are likely to tone down your hijinks when the situation requires it.

Alan: The Bendy One. You are the ultimate physical comedian, and you were pulled into a TLF show even before you made the troupe.


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