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Politics Poll: What kind of Green are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
PoliticsPolitics Poll: What kind of Green are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of Green are you?" by thisguy.

Choose from this list:

Deep green socialism - Environmental degradation and capitalist exploitation are two sides of the same coin. Private ownership of the means of production must be abolished to protect the working class and the environment. The latter is the most important thing.

Eco-socialism - Capitalism is harmful to the environment and to the working class. The environment must be protected so the working class can succeed. But environmental protection is not an end in itself.

Anti-green socialism - While capitalism is harmful to the working class, environmental concerns are false or exaggerated, or perhaps capitalist lies.

Deep green feminism - Environmental degradation and patriarchial oppression are linked, and both have to stop. The environment is the most important thing.

Eco-feminism - The environment and feminism are linked. Both have to become more important.

Anti-green feminism - Feminism has to advance further, but environmentalism is unimportant or false.

Deep green anarchism (anarcho-primitivism) - The state, technology, and civilization are all harmful, and the environment has to be restored.

Green anarchism - The state is a huge polluter and should be abolished.

Anti-green anarchism - While the state is oppressive, environmentalism is unnecessary or false.

Deep green conservatism - Traditional values - such as free enterprise, family, and traditional marriage - have to be protected, but so should the environment, as it is extremely important and conservation should be a central part of conservatism.

Green conservatism - The government should protect traditional values and promote capitalism, but environmental protection is necessary for prosperity.

Anti-green conservatism - Environmentalism is an affront to traditional values and an unnecessary fetter on the free market.

Deep green liberalism - Protecting the environment is essential to liberty - including non-human liberty.

Green liberalism - Protecting the environment is very important to human liberty, but should be part of a capitalist system. Perhaps a green tax shift is necessary.

Anti-green liberalism - Environmentalism is an enemy of human liberty.

Deep green libertarianism - The destabilization of the environment is a violation of the non-aggression principle. All should be protected, including animals, but a capitalist system and a minimal state are the best ways to do so.

Green libertarianism - Environmental destabilization is an initiation of force, and thus the environment should be protected. It should, however, be protected just through property rights, and its protection should not be an end in itself.

Anti-green libertarianism - Environmental protection is unnecessary statist intervention in the free market, and is not the duty of a minimal state.

Deep ecologism - The environment is central, and systems around it (like capitalism and socialism) are harmful distractions.

Centrist ecologism - Environmental protection is important, but shouldn't be an end in itself.


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