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PoliticsPolitics Poll: Political Ideology Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Political Ideology Selector" by Spalton.

Choose from this list:

Anarcho-capitalist - The free market is so efficent as to be able to survive without the existence of the state. Society will naturally stay intact through voluntary corporate participation, reciprical agreements and self-defence (Herbert Spencer).

Left anarchist - Society controls and corrupts individuals and therefore should be abolished or villified. Property should be considered theft (Noam Chomsky).

Neo-conservative - The conservative establishment must appeal to democratic ideals - even if this means state intervention - if it is to survive. Society must be given idealistic direction and purpose (Irving Kristol).

Traditional conservative - Capitalist in economic matters, conservative in social matters, isolationist in foreign policy. May or may not be supportive of free trade (Russel Kirk).

Libertarian - The government should be limited in function and small in size. The government's primary function is to defend civil liberties and inforce contracts (Ayn Rand).

Social liberal - Both economic and social equality are desirable. We should generally support collectivism but not to the point of socialism (Thomas Paine).

Democratic socialist - Socialist in ideology but not necessarily in deed as all parties are equal in a democratic society. The enevitable result is a form of non-revolutionary, heavily regulated quasi-capitalism (Olaf Palme).

Revolutionary socialist - Society is being controlled by elites, therefore an overturn of the status quo is needed to serve the interests of the common man. The writings of Karl Marx often serve as an appropriate template for this (Vladmir Lenin).

Nationalist - Syncretic, nuanced policies must be implemented in order to serve the national interest of our country. Historical forms of nationalism include Mercantilism, Colonialism, Fascism and some forms of socialism (Benito Mussolini).

Theocrat - Religion is an appropriate and perhaps necessary guide as to how a society should be ruled. Ussually the leaders in such a situation are part of a religeous institution (Moses, Muhammad).


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