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graphComputersComputers Poll: what school subject are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "what school subject are you?" by Betsy.

Choose from this list:

is this your #1 result? looks like you're recess!

so, this was top of your list? you appear to be lunch...score!

this was #1, eh? ah, you adhd kid, you- you're gym.

congrats if this was the top answer: the world needs you and your individuality! you're social studies

oh really. so this was #1 for you? oh, i see, so shakespeare's your second cousins' grandmother's stepson's great grandfather's uncle twice removed? you, my friend, are english class- good for you

is this at the top of your results? is that a beaker behind you? you're science...

is this your #1 rest result? haha! you got math!


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