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graphDisneyDisney Poll: Which Disney slut (or frigid bitch) are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Disney slut (or frigid bitch) are you?" by da_slut.

Choose from this list:

Megara - SLUT - your definitely sexy but you use your charms to lure your enemies - until your boyfriend destroys him!

Ariel - SLUT - your a gorgeous gal but you get one compliment and your off with the boy who gave it to you!

Esmeralda - SLUT - you are stunning but you try to act like the innocent but then you go and do pole dancing - and that's just in the day, who knows what you're up to by night!

Pocahontas - SLUT - you are a beautiful woman but you have an arranged marriage - and you get off with your enemy!

Snow White - SLUT - ooh your a sly one, but just coz u talk like an opera singer it don't mean your pure - you share a bed with SEVEN men for gods sake!

Tinkerbell - SLUT - you just have to take a glimpse at you teeny weeny dress and see your a slut, full stop!

Jessica Rabbit - SLUT - your a married woman but you insist on performing sexy routines to screaming men, imagine how your husband feels!

Alice - FRIGID - gawd, you get transported to another world and you don't even look out for any fit men - but then again your so off-putting who'd have you?

Mulan - FRIGID - your in the army with hundreds of men - any normal gals dream! But you find it disgusting to see men naked - and you don't even get a kiss from Shang at the end!

Wendy - FRIGID - you've beaten that little slut Tinkerbell for Peter Pan's affections - and you don't even make a move!


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