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graphWild AnimalsWild Animals Poll: What furre are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What furre are you?" by Rydia.

Choose from this list:

You are Simon Potter! You are Mysterious, you don't give out any information on your player, and you're optomistic. "It's just a game!" is your philosophy. You councel furres and would probably make a good guardian, if you aren't already. A modest furre, you enjoy composing music in your spare time.
You are Felorin! You enjoy programming, hugs and socializing. Most of the time you're in Sanctuary, and you let logic rule when making decisions. You'd make a good Beekin Bugge, if you're not one already!
You are Talzhemir! You enjoy drawing, roleplaying and patch making. You keep most of your RL info to yourself, and you're constantly working on a project or ten, making socializing in Furcadia minimal. You have thousands of interests, making you a very unique furre!
You are Marah~Fae! You let your heart guide you in decision making, and you're modest in your abilities. You enjoy patch making, drawing and furre page building. You'd probably make a good pixel beekin. You're like fire: fierce and free! You're a pagan/wiccan, a priest/ess and enjoy writing articles/short stories and poetry. You also love carrots ^.-
You are Emerald Flame! You're a priest/ess who hangs out in Sanctuary and/or involve yourself extensively in the Beekins. You're a workaholic with a firey personality. You end a smiley after every sentence ^.^ You'd make a good associate, if you aren't one already!


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