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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Paint is Right for You?" by starry_night.

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Acrylic Paint - This paint is relatively new, but very popular! It is very versatile, easy to clean up, easy to take places, not too expensive, and it dries quickly. Once dry, it is permanent and is not easily ruined.

Oil Paint - This paint is traditional and was used by most famous artists. It dries slowly but the surface is permanent once dry. However, it requires many tools, which can be expensive, and it has a strong odor that many people consider unpleasant.

Watercolors - This paint is reasonably old and established. The colors must be layered light to dark because the paint is transparent. It can dry quickly or slowly, depending on the amount of water used. Watercolors are usually used on paper. They are easy to transport and have no strong odors. Paintings must be kept dry, or they will be ruined.

Gouache - This is a very new type of paint. It is average in its ease in transportation. It cannot be easily ruined once dry. It is good if you have a spontaneous style of painting.

Pastels - This is the type of painting most similar to drawing. It can be expensive, as 20-50 colors are needed for each painting. The surface is very delicate and will be ruined if it is touched. The paints are in a chalky stick form, and therefore do not need to dry.

Water-Mixable Oil Paint - This type of paint is almost like oil paint, except it can be mixed with water, and therefore does not have as strong of an odor.

Computer Painting - This is the newest way of making art. There are lots of programs that can help you create art on the computer. The most basic of these is the Paint program, which comes pre-installed on most Windows computers.


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