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graphRole Playing GamesRole Playing Games Poll: Are you a Hentai freek?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Are you a Hentai freek?" by NeoAndie.

Choose from this list:

Wow, there is no doubting that you are a bonerfied Hentai freek. Here is a link you might enjoy...

You're not fully blown yet, but in time I believe you could be the biggest Hentai Freek of them all! Here is a site to help you alone your way...

You are undecided of your future freekiness, and wish to further sort out you details. Here are sites that may help you sort it out.. www.

You were most likely sicked by this quiz, and will proibly need theorepy now, I am truly sorry, and hope that the following site will help on your road to recovery...


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