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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "The Mentalist Character Quiz" by Red John.

Choose from this list:

Patrick Jane, the Mentalist, earned a living as a psychic, but after Red John murders his wife and daughter in retaliation for Jane's mocking, Jane admits he was a fraud and now works as a police consultant. A bit eccentric, perceptive, cocky, playful, and annoyingly right. Filled with revenge and hate for Red John who brings out his intense, focused, and willing-to-sacrifice-anything side,

Teresa Lisbon is a Senior Agent at the California Bureau of Investigation. Smart, witty, sarcastic, no-nonsense, sceptical, sometimes impatient, courageous, sometimes abrasive.

Kimball Cho, an investigator for the CBI. Very rational and by-the-book. Dry witted.

Grace Van Pelt, another CBI investigator. Intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, good on computers, sometimes too serious; easily embarrassed; repressed, kind and warmhearted.

Wayne Rigsby, a CBI arson specialist. Loyal, brave, kind, goofy, upbeat, funny, laid-back.

Red John, a narcissistic serial killer.

Sam Bosco, the late team leader of investigation team.

Virgil Minelli is a retired Special Agent in charge of the CBI.


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