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graphPoliticsPolitics Poll: Which faction of the Labour Party are you closest to?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which faction of the Labour Party are you closest to?" by readinglabour.

Choose from this list:

Socialist Campaign Group: This group is on the hard-left of the party, and is deeply opposed to New Labour.

Bennites: Bennites generally believe in a republican system of governance in Britain and an elected/the abolition of the Lords.

Moderates: Moderates are more economically right-wing than the SCG and the Bennites, but are as socially progressive.

Blairites: Blairites support the introduction of quasi-markets into public services, and are noted for having an Atlanticist foreign policy. Blairites are criticized by some for not being socialist enough whilst in government.

Brownite: The main difference between Blairites and Brownites is tribal, and stems from the 1994 leadership election. There are ideological differences as well, as Brownites are less critical of the unions, are opposed to private sector interference in public services and are more socially liberal than Blairites.


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