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graphHistoryHistory Poll: Which Member Of The Kennedy Family Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Member Of The Kennedy Family Are You?" by JFK.

Choose from this list:

Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. (18881969)
Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy (18901995)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. (19151944)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy (19171963)
Rose Marie Kennedy (19182005)
Kathleen Agnes Kennedy (19201948)
Eunice Mary Kennedy (19212009)
Patricia Kennedy (19242006)
Robert Francis Kennedy (19251968)
Jean Kennedy Smith (b. 1928)
Edward Moore Kennedy (19322009)
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (19291994)
Sargent Shriver (1915-2011)
Peter Lawford (19231984)
Ethel Kennedy (b. 1928)
Patrick Joseph Kennedy II (b. 1967)
Virginia Joan Bennett Kennedy (b. 1936)
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy (19581997)
Caroline Kennedy (b. 1957)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. (19601999)
Maria Shriver (b. 1955)
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (b. 1951)
Timothy Shriver (b. 1959)
Joseph Patrick Kennedy II (b. 1952)
Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr. (b. 1954)


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