Anime Poll: Which Soul Calibur guy suits you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Anime Poll: Which Soul Calibur guy suits you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphAnimeAnime Poll: Which Soul Calibur guy suits you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Soul Calibur guy suits you? " by Angelique La Beale.

Choose from this list:

Kilik - Your guy is gentle, peaceful, and caring. You lucky get the nice and loving guy. ;-)

Maxi - Your guy is active, a little hyper, and funny. For the future, when you get married to him, be careful where you stash away the coffee. :-P

Siegfried - Your guy is strong, hot, and has a REALLY nice nose. ^_^ Lucky you. He is also strong-willed.

Yunsung - Your guy is cheerful, yet a little bit reckless and self-centered. But that's okay. You must like buff guys...:-D

Cervantes - Your guy is dead. I guess that explains why heís so "heartless"!

Voldo - Your guy is protective, loyal, and old. Heíll probably really treasure you above all. Hey, for being 50, he sure has a heart.

Raphael - Your guy is serious and masculine, and loves to dance. Gotta love those icy blue eyes and gentlemanly smile.

Link - Your guy is a hot blonde elf, has an adorable face, and is cute and unique. Probably the uniquest out of everyone here...Iím not even sure if thatís a word!!!

Mitsurugi - Your guy is clever and fast. He is also a no-nonsense guy. Just wait Ďtill he sweeps you off your feet!

Yoshimitsu - Your guy is Crazy to da max! I should make you a list of things to keep him away from: Candy, sugarcubes, coffee, iced tea...[goes on for a million years]

Astaroth - Your guy is beefy, buff, and cold-hearted. You must be brave, having a guy so big...and freaky....if youíre not careful, he could probably crush you to death...[shudder] Be really really nice to him, M'kay?

Hwang - Your guy is not only hot, but is also unerringly loyal...and buff. ^_^ Hwang is a good-hearted man.

Rock - Your guy is kindhearted and REALLY caring. Along with his adopted son, Rock will go out of his way to make you proud.


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