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graphWeirdWeird Poll: Do your parents like you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Do your parents like you?" by Katie.

Choose from this list:

Your loved! Your parents love you so much they think the only way to win your respect is to spoil you to death! Many people would consider you lucky, others think your a spoiled brat.

Why did your parents have child, if they dont even seem to care? They love you and all but they're just to busy doing work or partying with their friends!

Your parents probably just had you for the hell of it...they love you but they dont care if you didnt do anything..your their first suspect for everything and they dont seem to care about your feelings!

It seems like your friend is more like your parents daughter than you are.

Your parents are just right! They love you a lot, and they would rather cook a dinner to show you that they care, than go out and get you something from a fast food place!


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