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graphMythologyMythology Poll: what greek mythological thing are you most like
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "what greek mythological thing are you most like" by Goodfox.

Choose from this list:

Athena, Goddess of war and peace, bears the Aegis
Odysseus, war hero the wisest of the heros, took 20 years to rturn hom from the battle of troy.
Zeus, God of Gods in greek mythology
Apollo, God of Archery, sister of Artemis
Artemis Goddess sister of Apollo
Dionysus, God of parties, wine, nurses
Achilles, war heo, invincible other than his ankles
Hades, God of the under world
Paris, stole Helen
Medea, women with magical powers, tryed killing Theseus
Agammenon, war hero, killed by his wife
Clytemnestra, murderous wife, cunning
Cassandra, priestess with the power to see the future, but no one believed her
Teiresias, a blind prophet
Hydra, 9 headed monster
Sphinx, awnser her riddles incorrect and well you get destroyed by it
Gripphon, head of an eagle body of a lion
Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty and sexuality
Diana, Goddess of hunting
Cyclops, one eyed cyclops blinded by Odysseus
leastrygonians, gigantic human cannibals
Lotus eater, sat on an island living off lotus fruit all day
Medusa, turne people into stone if they looked at her
Hermes, messenger God
Eumeaus, faithul wine herd of Odysseus, helped kill the suitors in Odysseus's hall


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