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graphEntertainmentEntertainment Poll: What type of Groupie are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What type of Groupie are you?" by TestResults.

Choose from this list:

PSYCHO GROUPIE--- You show up at rock star's hotels and homes unexpected. You call his house and listen to his voice- YOU ARE the GLEN CLOSE of rock n roll

WELL- BALANCED GROUPIE---- You are having fun, and don't take rock star's too seriously. You enjoy the show's, the parties and celeberties, the rock star's see this and like you, keep having FUN!

SKANK HOE GROUPIE--- You do anything with anyone to meet the band. You bang ganged the band, everyone has seen your box. There has been more jizm squirted on your body than butter on popcorn at the movies. The whole music world laughs about you and say's your a SKANK but you don't care,, in fact your proud!

SMART GROUPIE--- You know how to play the game. You treat rock star's like they are any other guy and they like it, its different. You demand respect and you get it. Even a song dedicated to you at a show.. The band and groupies think your a bitch, Don't worry they are just jealous!

WANNA BE GROUPIE- ----PLEASE You are living in la la land, YOU are NOT a GROUPIE. GET IT THROUGH THAT HEAD! Just because you get an email from a rock star doesn't mean he like's you, get a grip on reality!

OBSESSED GROUPIE-- - You see your favorite rock star you freeze up, you think of him as a Greek GOD not a HUMAN, you spend too much time starring at his photos and putting him on a pedestal.He will alway's treat you as a fan because of this.

STUPID GROUPIE---- You are so naive, you believe all the line sof a rock star. Have sex with no condom and let them free load off of you, wisen up silly girl!!!!!!!


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