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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Crystal, Mineral & Gemstone Selector" by Crystalynne Carson.

Choose from this list:

Garnet (stimulates 1st chakra/creative center, color of blood -- the life force of the physical body)
Fluorite (clears auric field/helps release old patterns which are no longer useful)
Pearl (helps facilitate emotional release)
Moldavite/Meteorite (helps one to anchor to physical body, calms feelings of 'wanting to leave Earth')
Turquoise/Onyx (both help to absorb & neutralize negative energies)
Hematite (assistive in cleansing the blood and stimulating blocked or weak circulation)
Clear Quartz (good for general clarity)
Carnelian (good for the lungs, may use in conjunction with Pearl where breathing disorder is emotionally related)
Herkimer/Payson (Quartz) "Diamonds" (beneficial in connection to 'higher realms' of consciousness/non-ordinary reality)
Rose Quartz (soothing pink color, often associated with love)
Amethyst (good for attuning to/maintaining connection with one's spirit)
Herkimer/Payson (Quartz) ''Diamonds'' and Amethyst (crown chakra -- connection to spirit, third-eye chakra -- intuitive center respectively)


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