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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Test Your Internet Purity!" by Rose.

Choose from this list:

The only relationship you have is with your keyboard!

You're a computer geek.

You have too much time on your hands...

You're very sexually frustrated.

You believe that computers are a necessary evil.

You have a computer because all your friends do, not because that's where you meet all your friends.

You explore the Internet in small amounts. That makes it an added boredom-fighter not an addiction.

You're addicted. See a doctor.

You're a gamer. That's fine, but really, what happened to good ol' Monopoly?

You are annoyingly needy and attention seeking.

You're just a consumer. You seek more ways to buy "stuff" that you someone believe you need.

You should get your eyes checked. They must be pretty bad by now!

You're dirty. Go get clean.

You do not own a computer and are probably being forced by someone else to take this test right now.

You need some exercise other than maneuvering your eyes across your screen.

You're regular Joe. A little time spent on the computer, to add to the lots of other ways you fill up your day.

You spend a lot of time stressed out. Relax.


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