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Weaponry Poll: Which murder weapon would suit you? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphWeaponryWeaponry Poll: Which murder weapon would suit you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which murder weapon would suit you?" by Ellie the bat.

Choose from this list:

Knife. Probably not thought out well in advance, your murder would be messy but fun...
Icicle. You're smart, but twisted. This murder weapon would be tricky to use but would melt away after use, leaving no evidence.
Rock, or other bulky object. Swift and deadly, you thug.
Gun, this looks cool and fits in with your fantasies. can also be excecuted from afar, what matters to you is that the job gets done. You might kill on other's behalf.
Bomb. You would kill to put your veiws across. You're smart and dont care about other people.
Thread. Strangle your victim, duchess of Malfi style. this can be burnt afterwards but you will need brute strength.
Push 'em off a cliff. You're more likely to kill accidently or on the spur of the moment. be warned- murders like this can lead to swift capture.
Slow psychological torture. Stalk your victim, haunt them drive them insane, hopefully making them suicidal. Risky and time-consuming but you're so twisted, you dont care.
Killer Ants. Tie em up and cover 'em in honey then release the killer ants. You are screwed up, James Bond villian style. Can also use; Dogs, Bees or sharks.
Hired Assassin. cool and methodical you don't want blood on your own hands so you hire someone else. You're not vengeful, you just want someone conveniently removed from your way in life.


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