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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Foreign Policy Selector" by Chris Welsch.

Choose from this list:

RealistYou watch the power structures, the balance of military and industrial strength, and consider conflict inevitable, so it's best to maintain strength at all times to deter or combat conflict. (Conservative - Reagan, Eisenhower)
LiberalistYou believe that communication and economic interdependence are the best ways to understand each other and thus avoid conflict. Capitalism and globalization may have problems in your eyes, but they are definitely the best methods to security, peace and justice. Capitalism will topple dictatorships peacefully and with a minimum loss of lives and you love international agreements and organizations. (Moderate - Clinton, Wilson)
IdentityCultures are very distinct to you; you do not believe conflict is inevitable, and you do not believe regulated capitalism will cure all ills. You like programs such as Radio Free Europe. (Leftists, Liberals, Pacifists)
RadicalYou believe corporations are evil and motivate most world trade policies. Globalization is definitely not considerate enough to poorer nations by your tastes. Simply put, you're a commie. Workers Unite!
LibertarianStates should mostly stay out of foreign policy. Capitalism should be unregulated and so border limits and trade barriers should be reduced, in your view. (Libertarian, Capitalist, Anarcho-capitalist)


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