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graphMythologyMythology Poll: Which Female Archetype are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Female Archetype are you?" by Syballine Sara.

Choose from this list:

Earth Mother (Demeter, Gaia, Danu)

Spear Maiden (The Morrigan, Athena, Sif)

Lady of the Hearth (Brigidh, Hestia, Vesta)

Wise Crone (Hecate, Ceridwen)

Beautiful Enchantress (Aphrodite, Freya)

Wild Woman (Artemis, Diana, Kali)

Spring Maiden (Persephone, Igraine)

Sovereign Queen (Rhiannon, Hera, Isis)

Lady Luck (Fortuna, Tyche, Laima)

Respected Arbiter (Themis, Maat, Syn)


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