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graphTravelTravel Poll: Where Is Your Dream House?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Where Is Your Dream House?" by Karina Biniecki.

Choose from this list:

Europe, with its famous cities you couldn't ask for anymore

Africa, sunny, dry yet wet, and adventure...everything you ever wanted

Australia, you would like to live in the outback and be able to go to the opera

Washington DC, lots of history is enough to satisfy your taste

New York, with lady liberty you're in heaven

Florida, sunny and rainy...and not to mention hot girls and hot guys

Canada, although it is colder, you enjoy the nonviolent citizens

Russia, a little of every kind of weather, sunny, rainy, and snow.

Antarctica, cold, and white...HOME!!

Right here, you'd rather stay's the best place to be


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