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graphHistoryHistory Poll: Medieval Class Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Medieval Class Selector" by Kerith of the Rushmoors.

Choose from this list:

Barbarian (tribal warrior)

Bard (musician, storyteller)

Cleric (priest of a church)

Druid (priest of nature)


Monk (warrior of a church)

Paladin (holy warrior)

Ranger (warrior of nature)

Rogue (thief, sneak, etc.)

Sorcerer (charismatic spellcaster)

Wizard (intelligent spellcaster)

Psion (psychic spellcaster)

Psychic Warrior

Samurai (Eastern knight)

Shaman (tribal spellcaster)

Shugenja (elemental spellcaster)

Sohei (Eastern monk)

Wu Jen (Eastern spellcaster)


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