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graphBooksBooks Poll: His Dark Materials Daemon Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "His Dark Materials Daemon Selector" by StarMe Kitten.

Choose from this list:

Leopard - others with wildcat daemons include: Lord Asriel
Wolf - others with lupine daemons include: The Samoyed Hunters
Dog - others with canine daemons include: Rodger Parslow
Monkey - others with simian daemons include: Marisa Coulter
Goose - others with waterbird daemons include: Serafina Pekkala
Cat - others with feline daemons include: Will Parry, Fader Coram
Raven - others with corvine daemons include: John Faa, The Master of Jordan College
Hawk - others with hawk daemons include: John Parry, Ma Costa
Hare - others with hare daemons include: Lee Scoresby
Ferret - others with marten daemons include: Lyra Silvertongue
Snake - others with serpent daemons include: Lord Boreal
Sparrow - others with finch daemons include: Tony Markarios
Mouse - others with mouse daemons include: Ama the Herdsman's Daughter
Butterfly - others with insect daemons include: Adele Starminster


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