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graphPoliticsPolitics Poll: What kind of conservative are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of conservative are you?" by thisguy.

Choose from this list:

Paleoconservative - opposed to immigration, protectionist, socially conservative, isolationist, free-market otherwise. Pat Buchanan
Neoconservative - support for various government subsidies and high military spending. Socially moderate, interventionist. William Kristol
Imperialist conservative - protectionist, interventionist, support of high military spending, anti-immigrant. Joseph Chamberlain.
Green conservative - supports environmental protection.
Liberal conservative (in the non-British sense) - supports free market. Socially moderate. Newt Gingrich
Liberal conservative (in the British sense) - supports free market, but with moderate support for the welfare state and environmentalism. David Cameron
Libertarian conservative - supports free market and social freedoms. Opposed to imperialism.
Federalist conservative - supports a weak federal government and opposes imperialism, but doesn't care much about the actions of local governments. Ron Paul
Moderate conservative - center-right both socially and economically. John McCain.
Christian democrat - economically center-left, socially center-right. Also known as compassionate conservatism. Supports some government intervention in the market.
Socialist conservative - economically far-left, socially right. Supports government nationalization of businesses, as well as social conservatism.
Extreme conservative - supports the free market and extreme social conservatism. Tom Coburn.


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