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graphSportsSports Poll: Which Heavyweight Boxing Champ Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Heavyweight Boxing Champ Are You?" by Primo Carnera.

Choose from this list:

James J. Corbett, ''Gentleman Jim''

Jim Jeffries, ''The Boilermaker''

Jack Johnson, ''Galveston Giant''

Jack Dempsey, ''The Manassa Mauler''

Gene Tunney ''The Fighting Marine''

Max Schmeling, ''Black Uhlan of the Rhine''

Joe Louis, ''The Brown Bomber''

Ezzard Charles, ''Cincinnati Cobra''

Joe Walcott, ''Jersey Joe''

Rocky Marciano, ''The Brockton Blockbuster''

Floyd Patterson, ''The Gentleman of Boxing''

Sonny Liston, ''The Big Bear''

Cassius Clay aka Muhammad Ali, ''The Greatest''

Joe Frazier, ''Smokin' Joe''

George Foreman, ''Big George''

Larry Holmes, ''The Easton Assassin''

Mike Tyson, ''Iron Mike"

Evander Holyfield, ''The Real Deal''

Riddick Bowe, ''Big Daddy''

Lennox Lewis, ''The Lion''


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