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graphFriends & RoommatesFriends & Roommates Poll: Which One of Bob's Friends Are you Like?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which One of Bob's Friends Are you Like?" by Bob, Who Is Actually A Girl.

Choose from this list:

Dan- you're a nerd, who has trouble getting the girl. Chances are you have a hard time flirting, or you're just quiet. Overly nice at times, you can't be mean.
Elly- Everyone comes to you for advice. You're calm, and don't usually like to talk dirty. The ideal "good girl". Sweet and nice, most people like you.
Kristen- A great person who listens to others peoples problems. A bit crazy, but an individual. You know what you want and go after it.
Rob- CRAZY. Really great with computers. Really good at writing, and loves music. The kind of person you'd want beside you in Computer class.
Skippie- Music = life. You love music, and everything about it. Possibly in a band. You like celebrities, and usually know whats going on with them. Spunky.


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