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graphWeaponryWeaponry Poll: Weapon Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Weapon Selector" by Maddie Max.

Choose from this list:

Low-energy revolver (.22, .38 calibre)
High-energy revolver (.357-.50 magnum)
Low calibre, low penetration semiauto handgun (.22, .32, .38 special; 9mm)
Low calibre, high penetration semiauto handgun (.357SIG)
High calibre, low penetration semiauto handgun (40S&W, .45, 10mm)
High calibre, high-penetration semiauto handgun IMI Desert Eagle
Submachinegun/autocarbine (HK MP5, Colt M4a1, FN P90, etc.)
Hunting rifle (.30-06, Winchester, etc.)
Assault rifle (5.56mm, 7.76mm, etc.)
Squad Automatic Weapon (M60, Browning, etc.)
Handfighting weapon (Dagger, Baton, Blackjack, etc.)
Pepper spray/Mace/Tear Gas


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