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graphAnimeAnime Poll: Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband?" by Chase'swife1.

Choose from this list:

Chase Young he is evil, a genious, hot. But don't touch him because HE IS MINE ALL MINE!!!!

Jack Spicer he's the mama's boy of the show and(this is my opinion) a loser

Raimondo he's lazy, fast thinking, Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind

Clay big, wise-caking, joking Xiaolin Warrior of the Earth

Omi the goody-goody two shoes of the boys and Xiaolin Warrior of the Water

Master Monkguan the strongest teacher there is

Master Fong the oldest, but wisest teacher there is

Master Dashi the youngest, but 2nd wisest teacher

Hannibal Bean ... well he's a bean...that can talk

Tubby Mora ... If you got him I'm sorry for you


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