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Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Iconic RPG World Map Theme Are You?" by RebeccaETripp.

Choose from this list:

Final Fantasy 7 "Main Theme"

Final Fantasy 6 "Main Theme"

Final Fantasy 6 "Dark World"

Final Fantasy 5 "Four Valiant Hearts"

Dragon Quest 8 "Strange World"

Dragon Quest 1 "Unknown World"

Chrono Cross "Dream of the Shore Near Another World"

Final Fantasy 6 "Searching For Friends"

Final Fantasy 4 "Main Theme"

Final Fantasy 8 "Blue Fields"

Final Fantasy 3 "Eternal Wind"

Chrono Trigger "Memories of Green"

Chrono Trigger "Wind Scene"

Chrono Trigger "Time Circuits"

Final Fantasy 4 "Land of the Dwarves"

Final Fantasy 4 "Another Moon"

Terranigma "Dark Side Field"

Terranigma "Light Side Field"

Golden Sun "Overworld"

Secret of Mana "Into the Thick It"

Breath of the Wild "Hyrule Field (Day)"

Final Fantasy 9 "Crossing Those Hills"

Final Fantasy 5 "The Land Unknown"

Bravely Default "Horizon of Light and Shadow"

Dragon Quest 4 "Homeland"


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