Politics Poll: What type of libertarian are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
Politics Poll: What type of libertarian are you? SelectSmart.com Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
graphPoliticsPolitics Poll: What type of libertarian are you?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What type of libertarian are you?" by AngryLibertarian.

Choose from this list:

Non-LibertarianLiberty does not outweigh the other interests of the state or the group. Democrats, Republicans, Greens, others.

Mainstream LibertarianYou basically adhere to the platform of the LP, decry both social and economic tyranny, oppose most wars flat out, want to eliminate NAFTA but enact free trade, and want the constitution strictly enforced. You favor a doctrinaire, philosophical approach to libertarian politics. Libertarians.

Center-North LibertarianYou are moderately libertarian - where 'north' indicates a test position that's neither left nor right but upwards. You believe most of the same things as mainstream libertarians, but not as stridently, not as radically. You think that libertarian policy will come from pragmatic arguments and incrementalism. Some Republicans/Democrats, some Libertarians.

Left-Libertarian The government is a huge threat to social liberty, but on economics it must intervene to redistribute land equitably and end the reign of corporations. You oppose almost all wars and probably desire a very doctrinaire political style based on rhetoric. Greens, Democratic Freedom Caucus, some Libertarians.

Right-LibertarianThe government is run by socialists and fools who are depriving us of private property and gun rights while protecting minor and sometimes inappropriate freedoms elsewhere. You emphasize economic freedom and assume that social freedom will take care of itself. You are mixed on foreign wars, pro-free trade, and want doctrinaire campaign strategy. Constitution Party, Republican Liberty Caucus, some Libertarians.

PaleolibertarianThe government is largely run by Yankee liberals that think they know best for everybody, they want to take away guns, nationalize industry, bash the Confederacy, take away religion, and declare lots of wars to expand the state. NAFTA and WTO are corrupt but unregulated free trade is good. Extreme and doctrinaire politics usually best. LewRockwell.com, Constitution Party, Republicans, some Libertarians.

NeolibertarianThe government is very misguided or just stupid in enacting too many laws and regulations that negatively affect our lives. You favor repealing these laws but in a reform-minded manner. Overall, the Libertarians are too doctrinaire and need to focus on arguments people acare about. Further, NAFTA and the WTO are useful, and the Libertarians absolutely must have an aggressive foreign policy. Isolationism is a failed track, it's important to fight a vigorous war on terror, possibly including the war in Iraq, to defend liberty. Republicans, Republican Liberty Caucus, some Libertarians, many independents.

AnarchocapitalistThe state is corrupt, a vile creature that exploits everyone for the sake of an elite. Eliminate the state and you will solve the problem. Anti-war, anti-NAFTA, very doctrinaire. Some Libertarians.


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