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graphFinal FantasyFinal Fantasy Poll: Weapons Personality Test
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Weapons Personality Test" by Chris / Auron.

Choose from this list:

Auron's Katana (Piercing)

Tidus' Dance Macabre (icestrike,firestrike,deathstrike)

Lulu's Fatal Cait Saith (Deathtouch,MP+5%)

Kimahri's Harpoon (Piercing)

Tidus' Baroque Sword (Sensor,HP+5%)

Wakka's Official Ball (HP+5%, - )

Rikku's Sonar (1 MP Cost)

Yuna's Ductle Rod (MP + 10%)

Auron's Murasame (1 MP Cost)

Lulu's Water Moomba (Waterstrike,immunity to water)

Kimahri's Snake Lance (Piercing,poisontouch)

Aurons' Masamune

Lulu's Onion Knight

Wakka's World Champion

Tidus' Cadalbolg

Yuna's Nirvana

Rikku's Godhand

Kimahri's Spirit Lance


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